Mish is a copywriter. She helps her clients set themselves apart from the competition through personalityful, attention-grabbing text that attracts their dream customers. For reasons that are still murky, her company is called Mortified Cow. She works with clients all over the world (most of whom she’s never met), across a ridiculous range of industries. The only criterion is they’re not averse to a bit of silliness.

Together with her husband, they run a blog called Making It Anywhere. Their definition of “Making It Anywhere” is living wherever you want, doing work you love, and experimenting to find what works for you instead of just accepting what’s “normal”.

In this episode, we talk about how she and her husband make a living as a digital nomad and how she has built a career copywriting across boundaries.

Making It Anywhere Blog

May I Have Your Attention, Please? Your Guide to Business Writing That Charms, Captivates and Converts Book

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