I met Ben Nemtin last year at TEDxTeen. He was a speaker and I remember his talk like it was yesterday. He talked about how he and his friends were on this mission to live a fulfilled life, conquer their dreams and help others along the way. He reminded me about the importance of dreaming big and making that a reality. My favorite quote from his talk was, “people fail because they stop trying”.

After listening to his speech, I felt so inspired that I tracked him down and asked him if he would be interested in being on the show. Afterall, he had just given a speech about being audacious so I thought to myself, “why not ask?”. Luckily, he agreed and today’s episode is the result of our conversation.

In this episode, Ben shares his formula for accomplishing any dream you have. He talks about how he went from not knowing what his purpose was in Canada to teaming up with his friends to make a low budget documentary and landing a show on MTV. Other highlights in this episode include his adventures at the White House, becoming a New York Times Bestseller and sneaking into the Playboy Mansion.

To find out more information about him and what he is up to, check out his company Four Peaks Media which is a full service production company specializing in storytelling for networks, brands, publishers and non-profits.

Catch the episode here or below.