Today’s episode is with the author of The Successful Immigrant: How To Land Your Next 6 Figure Dream Job in The United States. Why is she so passionate about helping immigrants land their dream jobs in the US?

16 years ago, she came to the US not knowing a word of English–she only knew how to shake and nod. She was the ONLY immigrant in the Catholic school she came to in the US, there were no ESL classes, she was held back a grade, and it was sink or swim time.

Within 2 years, she skipped a grade and she made it to all honors and AP classes in high school, and went to UC Berkeley for college because she refuses to settle for anything but the best.

A month after graduation, she remembers sitting on the floor of her apartment without a single job interview, thinking  “What the hell happened?”

She decided it was again crunch time. She personally emailed 100 CEOs and got 90 rejections, 10 interviews, 2 offers, and accepted a job as a business analyst with zero experience and no internships during all 4 years of college.

After she was fired as a business analyst, she started a TOEFL teaching business, and in the process of helping her student improve, she was able to help him go from 1 year of unemployment to getting hired within 2 weeks at CVS.

This was a turning point for her as I realized–the reason why we come all the way across the globe to America is NOT to JUST learn English, but to truly create an American Success DREAM.

Since then, she has helped her clients achieve the following:

  • Helped PhDs who didn’t want a job in academia get a job offer as a GIS developer for the government
  • Interview coached a program manager client and within 3 weeks she landed a job offer
  • Helped a client go straight out of school to get a $85,000 a year salary job as an optical engineer
We discuss all this, her book and much more in our episode. To find out more about her, head over to her website at  You can get her book on Amazon at
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