Today’s episode is with Dr. James S. Gordon. Dr. Gordon is the author of The Transformation. In it he presents the first comprehensive, evidence-based program for reversing the psychological and biological damage caused by trauma, featured on Mind Body Green and Thrive. The Transformation represents the culmination of Dr. Gordon’s fifty years as a mind-body medicine pioneer and an advocate of integrative approaches to overcoming psychological trauma and stress. 

Based on the basic understanding that trauma will come to all of us sooner or later, Dr. Gordon teaches readers that each of us has the capacity to heal ourselves. Outlining a proven, step-by-step method, he demonstrates how to reverse the damage caused by trauma and to restore hope.
Offering inspirational stories, eye-opening research, and innovative prescriptive support, the book makes accessible for the first time the methods that Dr. Gordon—with the help of his faculty of 160, and 6,000 trained clinicians, educators, and community leaders—has developed and used to relieve the suffering of hundreds of thousands of adults and children around the world.

In his role as the founder and executive director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM), Dr. Gordon and his faculty have brought this program to populations as diverse as refugees from wars in the Balkans, the Middle East, and Africa; firefighters, U.S. military personnel, veterans and their families; school shooting survivors; and Native Americans—as well as stressed out professionals, stay-at-home mothers, inner-city children, White House officials, health professionals and medical students, and people struggling with severe emotional and physical illnesses.

In our episode we talk about the following:

  • Our biological reactions to trauma
  • How to recover from trauma AND
  • The multiple forms of meditation

Resources Mentioned In The Episode

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