Today’s interview is with Cepee Tabibian. Born a citizen of the world to a Colombian mother and Iranian father in West Virginia, Cepee spent all but 9 months of her childhood growing up in the Lone Star State and proudly considers herself a Native Texan. Although her parents were from South America and the Middle East, her passion for travel didn’t start until high school when she befriended a group of foreign exchange students. Convincing her traditional Iranian father to let her travel solo to the Netherlands for her 17th birthday was no easy feat. Little did they know that his support of her trip to visit a friend would become the most pivotal moment in her life. Her first trip abroad prompted a deep and magical love affair with travel and self-exploration that continues till this day, 21 years later. In our  interview, we discussed the following:

  • What sparked her desire to travel
  • Ho women over 30 can break free from a life of routine and start a life of travel
  • How to start working remotely
  • Living Abroad and as a Multicultural American
  • Info about She Hit Refresh, the online community she created to support women over 30 who want to move abroad

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