How can you find a balance between fun and doing things that matter to you? Between self-development and helping others? Between working on what you love and creating what the world needs? How do you create a model so powerful that it can shape the world for the better?

Hopefully, you have asked yourself similar questions at some point. If so, you are in the right place! If not, let me show you what happened when we actually decided do something about them: We created On Board, a learning journey that helps you shape yourself and the world for better. In a nutshell, it is a balanced mix of the elements shown below:

  • Learn. We identified massive gaps in traditional education, and we are stubbornly committed to fill them. This is about learning to unlearn so you can acquire the knowledge and develop skills that will spark your personal and professional growth and multiply your enjoyment of life.
  • Travel to fun and mind-blowing destinations and empathize deeply with the local culture. We realized that people are traveling to escape reality, and we decided to create an experience in which you instead travel to understand and shape reality for better.
  • Do Good. Travelers are having little positive impact on the lives of the locals. We decided to put in practice our non-paternalistic generosity and foster durable social progress. We leave every destination in better conditions than it was before.
  • Connect with yourself, and a network of hands-on and impact-driven travelers, experts and leaders around the globe. We believe that impact requires collective action, and we are building a mission-driven community designed to create positive impact beyond our imagination.

This is our theory of change:

Striving to be your BEST SELF
A GLOBAL PLATFORM of great people to rely on
Skills and passion for LEARNING and DOING GOOD
FUN and MIND-OPENING experiences in the process


We will go global. On Board is meant to be replicated in as many countries as possible. It was deliberately crafted from beginning to end to be scaled to a global context, thus the model is based on intrinsic human nature, needs and pursues. Write to for information about replicating the On Board experience in your favorite country.

Do you want to make a difference? Join our next experience: Colombia. Join the On Board experience in March 2015 in the country that transpires abundance, kindness and beauty. It will be fulfilling and impactful, surprisingly affordable and definitely fun!

You can apply and learn more here, learn even more here,  and you can also contribute by spreading the wordwe will help you. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Blog.


Special treat for the UYD community: 10% discount on the already-low price for the all-included experience in Colombia (starting in March) for the first 10 people that apply!


Do not hesitate to reach out at with questions and feedback.

On Board Co-Founder
Camilo Russi