Today’s interview is with two brothers, Guy and Ilan Ferdman. They are the founders of SatoriPrime and they believe in doing things unconventionally.

They spent the last 16 years on the quest of mastery, not just in business but in health, relationships, finances, and most importantly, minds. They’re not only self-help speakers, they’ve got real-life experience, from managing an over $100 million portfolio, to a position as a dynamic head coach for the infamous Landmark Forum, responsible for coaching thousands of people throughout NYC, Boston, D.C. and abroad.

Ilan is a far-seeing visionary and relentless dreamer. Co-founder of Satori Prime–as well as a successful entrepreneur, speaker and life coach–he’s helped thousands of people all over the world connect to their inner passion and radically transform their lives.

Guy is a modern-day shaman and co-founder of Satori Prime. A spiritual truth-sayer whose warrior spirit merges ancient wisdom with modern practicality against the backdrop of everyday life. In the past, Guy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in over 23 countries launch their businesses online. A marketing genius, the essence of his work has always been to coach people to profound breakthroughs at lightening speed.

I talk to the guys on their thoughts on the limiting beliefs most have, how to upgrade those beliefs to fit people’s true ambition and how to make real, lasting changes in life.

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