Today’s interview is with Patricia Lohan. Patricia is a serial entrepreneur and expert in Feng Shui, which is one of the primary success strategies used by our leading entrepreneurial figures including Oprah, Bill Gates and Richard Branson, yet it is not covered widely amongst the entrepreneurial network. According to her, the truth is, if your environment is not supporting you, you won’t be able to create your dream life.
Based on this premise we discuss the following:
  • The power of perseverance and how she shaped her environment to support her
  • How to create a happier life and business by getting unstuck, coping with change, visioning, the power of the positive
  • The mechanics of building an online business
  • What it’s like to be a lifestyle entrepreneur
  • How to reinvent in life & business AND
  • Why she’s the manifesting queen
Resources Mentioned In The Episode 
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