Today’s episode is with Rachel Smets. Born and raised in Belgium, where she returns often for family visits, she currently resides in the Netherlands. She left Belgium in her mid 20’s and moved to Spain where she landed her first job abroad. This was the beginning of her exciting journey, filled with challenges, learning curves, more moves, new jobs, new people, but never a dull moment.

Every move gave her the opportunity to immerse  herself in a different language and culture. Each place she has lived has taught her so much and the adventure has enriched her life. Rachel Smets is the founder of, a life coach, a teacher of 6 different conversational languages, and a multi-cultural business trainer. Her expertise comes from living in several countries, where she worked mostly in the corporate world. Passionate about people and cultures, she has terrific networking skills, which she has used over and over again to integrate in new countries. It has benefited her social life and relationships, with the result that she never feels bored or alone, no matter where in the world. The confidence in speaking helped building friendships worldwide, working in the corporate world and creating an international network. Rachel truly enjoys sharing her learning experiences and is a life-time learner herself.

In this episode, Rachel discusses her background and shares some confidence in her new book: Awaken Your Confidence: 15 People Share Their Journey To Success.



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