Today’s interview is with Naomi Hattaway. I meat her about 4 years ago when I was just starting UYD and she was just starting I Am A Triangle. Fast forward to today, it is now a thriving community of over 14,000 individuals who are expats, global nomads, internationals and other folks who have lived abroad (or are exploring the idea of it).

This growing community reached 14,000 members in less than three years following the viral blog post called I Am A Triangle, and other thoughts on repatriation.

She is a noted speaker and published author on community building, change leadership, repatriation and life abroad and have been recognized as a thought leader in the international and global community.

We talk about the following in our interview:

  • Online and Face-To-Face Community Building

  • Why community is important, how to find or create one, and how to get the most from them

  • Why she wants to delete the word “Expat” from our dictionaries and why it’s important to start redefining the way we identify ourselves when living abroad

  • How to lead with Authenticity, Kindness & Grace

Resources Mentioned In The Podcast

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