Today’s interview is with Vern Oakley. Did you know that many of today’s employees are detached, disenchanted, and disengaged:

  • 57% of employees only complete trainings because they have to
  • 69% of employees are actively seeking or are open to a new job offer
  • Three out of four employees have forgotten some of all of the last mandatory training they completed

“With over $160 billion spent in the U.S. alone on employee training and education, companies clearly need to make changes regarding how their connecting with their employees to make these investments worthwhile,” says ‘business artist’ Vern Oakley, the CEO of corporate video producers Tribe Pictures. “Between the video tsunami that is taking over the way we communicate and the impact we’ve seen our corporate videos have in the areas of human resources, employee retentions, and recruiting, every company should consider a ‘reset’ of their engagement initiatives with some form of video content.”

We discuss:

  • How companies like KPMG, Stanley Black and Decker, Hess and Activis have used video to communicate key corporate messages — and the residual impact of these videos
  • The key elements needed in any video to ensure viewers are engaged, from authenticity to clarity and transparency
  • How to effectively turn important facts and figures into a story that people can connect to and retain
  • The biggest mistakes he has seen companies make in communicating through video

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