Today’s episode is with Stefan Pretty. He is an internet tech entrepreneur from Scotland with specialities in strategy, online inbound marketing, product, business development, UI design, backend development and subscription ecommerce. He made his first website at 12 years old and continued to develop those skills and teach himself design and coding. While he attended University of Glasgow to study Civil Engineering, he had side projects including:

  • Unleashed: Student Pub Crawls for local students.
  • An anonymous dating website which gained 200,000 visits in less than 2 weeks without any marketing spend.
  • Social referral marketing tool where users can swap Facebook and Twitter posts for free content.

He left university to pursue Pretty Klicks (PK) full time, eventually moving to Edinburgh where he grew PK by 400% within 1 year. He now works on Subbly full time as the CEO. Subbly has been mentioned on Product Hunt,,, USA Today, NPR and more.

We talk about:

  • His background story as a Scotsman in the U.S
  • Bootstrapping – doing more with less
  • Ideas vs execution – ideas are cheap, execution is the key and expensive part
  • The perception of effort versus success
  • How to set up and run an amazing remote team
  • How Subbly is revolutionizing the subscription business
  • The realities of being a 20 something entrepreneur

Resources Mentioned In The Episode

  • Subbly Website:
  • Effort Vs. Success Blog:
  • Guide To Starting A Subscription Business:
  • Personal Website:

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