Today’s interview is with Israeli native Dr. Isaac Mostovicz and my goodness, what a unique background he has. If you’ve ever thought about conducting business across cultures, this episode is for you. He dives into the type of mindset you need to have when connecting with people that are different from you. Mostovicz is the founder of Janus Thinking, a consultancy that helps organizations focus on the well being of their customers and not just their bottom line. He spent 35 years in luxury marketing working in the diamond industry. After serving as the CEO of S. Muller & Sons, a well-known diamond manufacturer based in Belgium for many years, he left to start his first business helping retail jewelers engage their customers more effectively.

A few talking points we go through are Dr. Isaac Mostovicz what it was like:

  • Growing up as a Third Culture Kid
  • Moving from Israel to Belgium as a young adult, learning a new language, culture and business
  • Returning back to college mid-career in a new country (UK)

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