As a woman, a mother, a friend, a partner, and an individual I feel it is my responsibility to share my stories and discover unique ways to share other people’s stories. Stories have power, the power to touch, power to motivate, power to connect people that may not have been otherwise connected before had they not heard the moving, compelling, inspirational story of another person.

I have noticed that I think differently than most of the people I meet and I often find myself contemplating things people have said or strategizing over the direction I should take. I make it a habit to look at situations and ask “what’s next?”

Starting PowerHouse Growers (pH Growers) wasn’t easy but having a family prepared me for the challenges and celebrations of running a business:

Being a mother has been and will remain the most rewarding position I will ever have. And even as my children grow and leave home, there is always time in my day for them. They are proud and through developing pH Growers I have gained more respect from them. The added bonus is I get to show them that you truly can do anything you put your mind to regardless of the barriers.

 So what inspired pH Growers?

Food became a priority when my sons were younger and naturally researching food and how to feed him for optimal health became my mission. I didn’t always get it right and when the boys became teenagers all nutritional reasoning was stickhandled out the door. Being responsible for feeding my family inspired me to dig deeper and learning about where our food comes from, the preparation methods in restaurants, and how to eat and cook for maximum long-term health.

Also when my kids were younger I was involved in the construction industry but I never noticed the harmful effects of off gassing or until it started to affect my family every time we moved. Off gassing is when houses give off harmful chemicals.

Wanting to create a healthy sustainable living for my family and not seeing effective solutions to solve this problem, I resigned and launched pH growers which shows people all over the world ways they can make an impact in their cities by showing them how to live healthy lives.  It was called pH for obvious reasons -the Power of Hydrogen- and the role it plays in our daily lives, and then for a not so obvious reason which is they are my daughter initials.

When I left the construction industry I was forced to find a J.O.B. Luckily I found one I really enjoyed and passionate about. I wasn’t familiar with, advertising, publishing, tight deadlines and an exhilarating industry but I loved every minute of it because I loved what I was doing.

Today, PowerHouse Growers is a collection of solutions. Looking for ways to help other people live intentionally by offering solutions, for my family’s and your family’s future. PowerHouse Growers online publishing platform supports the overarching fields of sustainability. Delivering information and solutions for finding a balance between nature and our built environment.

Has my journey been easy? No. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Am I finished? Heck no – I’ve only just started and I’m excited to see where it goes.

 After resigning from a job I enjoyed, I saw the need for more in-depth information in an industry that needed to make headway quickly. A combination of dissatisfaction with available information, fueled by my passion about the future, I started PowerHouse Growers. It was a short time before I realized how powerful doing what you love is, how it energizes you daily, and how long hours go by smoothly and quickly. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have imagined understanding the many complexities surrounding urban agriculture and integrated vegetation, collaborating on solutions, and delivering them on a 3 tiered platform such as PowerHouse Growers. My limits have expanded and I am now finding oxygen in the daily encounters of learning and my own personal growth.

My partner Emily and the PowerHouse Growers Team is what has made PowerHouse Growers what it is. My passions and past lead me to develop PowerHouse Growers but it is the PowerHouse Growers team that has taken it to where it is today.  I have learned more about business, life, and myself through them.

 You will never truly know what you are capable of until you try. What’s your story?

About Tara Campbell

Tara is a mother, business owner and thought leader who aims consistently for a positive attitude and to build world-class relationships. She has devoted her years to action, fearlessness, and building strength of character.  Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious elements that are at the core of PowerHouse Growers.

She enjoys sharing ways to incorporate urban agriculture into cities so that they grow authentically , providing us with a healthier future. She spent several years in the construction industry and brings a wealth of knowledge on the topic. Tara wants to hear from you! Contact her to say hello, share your stories, excitement, solutions, and feedback. You’ll leave feeling energized and having learned something you didn’t know before you called. Tara will be sure to put a smile on your face!