Today’s episode is with Adda Birnir. A bit of background on Adda and her company—When Adda founded Skillcrush in 2012, she did it with one specific mission in mind: to give students the technical skills they need to enter high-earning and flexible careers. She’d spent the four years prior doing work in media that wasn’t particularly interesting, and she noticed that some of her colleagues seemed to have it completely made. While Adda sat chained to a desk doing rote tasks, this group of mostly men had flexible schedules, the ability to work remotely, billed super high rates, and actually seemed fulfilled by their careers. They also had job security—something Adda definitely didn’t. She wanted in on whatever those guys had. It’s not a shock: They had tech skills. Adda taught herself to code and Skillcrush followed soon after (but not without a number of bumps along the way). A lot’s changed since then: In the last few years, Skillcrush’s revenue has grown 4X and our company size has increased by at least that much. Her career transition certainly changed her life, and without a doubt changed the lives of our students who can now also make major career changes.

We discuss:

  • Her career transitions
  • Her thoughts on running a company that’s 100% remote—they’re on multiple continents, in almost every time zone AND
  • How she navigates cultural differences and experiences

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