Today’s episode is with Selma Nicholls. Selma is an inspirational mother of one who founded Looks Like Me – a pioneering talent agency challenging racial stereotypes in advertising thanks to the support of Virgin StartUp. Selma has an amazing story and is an inspirational voice to those who are looking to start-up in business or go back to work.

Selma started her business in 2016, after her three year-old daughter began questioning her identity and disliking her curly hair as she rarely saw children looking like herself in mainstream media. Selma wanted to create content for her daughter, and others like her, so they no longer felt different. From this lightbulb moment, Looks Like Me was born, the only child talent agency in the UK that champions improving diversity in media

Selma is part of Virgin StartUp’s incredible public pledge to commit to a 50/50 funding target for women and men entrepreneurs by the end of 2020, becoming the first business funder in the UK to make this promise. 

The pledge represents a crucial step towards achieving gender balance for start-up investment in the UK but Virgin StartUp will also address the nationwide barriers faced by many women in business, such as childcare and gender based discrimination, including unconscious bias. 

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