Today’s interview is with Tony Wrighton. Tony is a familiar face on British TV, known to millions as a sports presenter on Sky Sports. His personal journey is punctuated by watershed moments where his commitment to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and its function in his own life have brought amazing opportunities, given him the energy and vitality to embrace those opportunities and helped him overcome great physical and emotional pain. His own experiences have brought him to a place where he feels compelled to share what he’s learned.

Tony began as a radio correspondent when he first encountered NLP training and used the techniques to increase his audience for his drive-time show, ultimately turning in record-setting numbers and earning him a coveted spot on the U.K.’s number one morning radio show. As Tony’s commitment to and use of NLP deepened, he saw his career skyrocket, including using the techniques to successfully land his dream job at Sky Sports.

Tony is the author of 3 books on applying NLP techniques to everyday life as well as a dozen audiobooks, but his real and final transformation came when he contracted a deadly virus and spent months unsure whether he would live or die. Tony shares these and other profound experiences as inspiration for those interested in metaphysical and neurological solutions to what ails us today. Through his platform (blog and podcast)

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • What NLP is
  • What language hacks helped Tony double his radio listenership
  • How NLP helps athlete succeed?
  • The genesis of Zestology
  • How he used NLP to recover from a tropical virus AND
  • What he discovered in the process

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