global nomads

Do you have wanderlust? Do you love exploring different places or does staying in one place for a long time make you restless? Chances are that you are probably a global nomad. You probably don‘t have any permanent residency and even if you do, you don’t stay there too often. Global nomads are people who do not live at a particular place for a long time but rather travel the world, stay in different countries, build location independent businesses, meet new people, enjoy their culture, cuisine and find happiness in traveling.

Obviously it takes a lot of sacrifice to become a global nomad and not everyone can become so. They have a different mindset and approach traveling differently. There is a difference between tourists and global nomads. Tourists stay at a particular place or places for a short span of time while a nomad may stay in a particular country for years or months at a time before moving on to another. Global nomads tend to have high adventurous spirits and very little attachment to any place and sometimes people. They are very free spirited.

Living a nomadic lifestyle can give you a variety of experiences, most of which have to do with interacting with different cultures and even knowing their languages, lifestyles, social customs and much more. One particular edge global nomads have has to do with cross cultural or intercultural relationships. They can be “unofficial diplomats” and “cultural diplomats” by helping people overcome cultural differences as well as understanding different mindsets.

When it comes to earning a living, global nomads usually opt for jobs that can be done remotely like content writing, web designing, photography, editing etc. Due to the advancement in technology, the concept of global nomad has become more commonplace. People can now travel to different parts of the world and still stay constantly connected with the world.

Being a global nomad can give you the chance and freedom to share your stories with your own travel blog. A nomadic lifestyle will always give you a rich experience (good and bad) but the connections that you create out of your nomadic lifestyle can be very helpful especially if you plan on building location independent businesses. Now will you dare to live the life of a global nomad?