After listening to part 1, you heard about how at the age of 21 with a scant set of belongings nestled into a backpack, he left Senegal and amazingly, with only a gallon of water he managed to walk across the Sahara desert by foot between Algeria and Libya in six arduous days-all in an inspiring effort to achieve his dream of some day living in the United States of America. After living and working in more than 10 countries, Ousmane never lost sight of his dream, and in 1998 he arrived in America.

Since then, his rise to a highly-respected position of honor among peers has been filled with praiseworthy list of accomplishment among them:

  • Becoming a proud U.S. citizen
  • Pursuing a college degree
  • The CEO of Milehigh-Momentum-Institute
  • A philanthropist and founder of “Fleet Of love” a 501-c non-profit organization serving and advocating for the homeless, people with disabilities, and education. (His work with Fleet Of Love was recently featured on
  • Serving as a 2011 international scholar laureate in the American Best Business Students delegation in Australia

Check out his adventures in America here or below.