Today’s interview is with Leela Srinivasan. Leela is the chief marketing officer at Lever, a San Francisco-based hiring software company that is transforming the way companies find, engage and recruit top talent. Leela is obsessed with talent acquisition, digital marketing, and the ongoing mashup of the worlds of recruitment and marketing. She developed her obsession with all things talent acquisition during her four and a half years at LinkedIn. She joined as the first product marketer for LinkedIn Talent Solutions (LTS), the company’s largest and fastest-growing business. She was the third marketing employee for LTS; when she left, there were over 55 globally.

Between LinkedIn and Lever, she has spent 15 great months at OpenTable, the world’s leading online restaurant reservation service.

Her current company, Lever is a collaborative hiring platform that engages your entire company in the sourcing, vetting, and closing of top-tier talent. When everyone gets involved – interviewers, hiring managers, and c-suite – hiring can be more strategic and more effective.

Lever already supports hiring at over 1,200 companies, including the amazing teams at Netflix, Eventbrite, Lyft, Quora, Coursera, ClearSlide, KPMG New Zealand, Freshdesk, and more. Our early growth was mostly driven by word-of-mouth; I’m excited to crank up our marketing efforts and help more companies recruit in the most efficient, collaborative way possible.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Her background and how she got in the talent acquisition industry
  • Best practices and things that don’t work with diversity and inclusion
  • What Lever does differently from competitors and other Silicon Valley Companies
  • How Lever maintains transparency and achieves holds themselves accountable to diversity
  • Future goals for Lever

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