Today’s episode is an interview with KC McCormick Çiftçi. KC is a successful coach, podcaster, and writer. She also works with amazing people in her private membership community. When she and her husband started dating, it felt like all the odds were stacked against them. Neither one of them knew what they were doing, and their respective Turkish and American cultures differed greatly in their depictions of a functional relationship. Her internet searches for helpful resources came up empty, so it felt like they were navigating a lot of challenges, from immigration options to cultural misunderstandings, without a map. As they went through their own individual personal growth journeys, along with a successful fiance visa immigration process, the path ahead started to feel clearer. They learned how to communicate well and how to own their own growth rather than only expecting change from each other. One of the things she has learned is that the majority of the conflict and miscommunication that happens in intercultural marriages (or any intimate relationship) benefits from each party doing inner work.

This helps us better understand our own cultural influences and biases, rather than flinging blame at the other person. The reason she started Borderless Stories is simply because she wishes that it had existed in those early months and years of her relationship when she needed it and couldn’t find it. She believes people falling in love across geographical, political, religious, and cultural borders is a great source of hope in this world, and it’s her goal to do as much as she can to help support those who do just that.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in the same position she was in those years ago. You’re grateful to have a beautiful partner in your life, while at the same time feeling a little overwhelmed by the geographic, linguistic, or cultural barriers in between you. Well look no further because KC has got you covered!

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