Today’s interview is with Mike Silberg. For the last 6 years, Mike has been working around Israel building High-Tech communities. He worked as a consultant at KPMG, he has built the Economic Growth Department at OR Movement, a large NPO, working on creating economic growth in peripheral areas in Israel. He launched and managed the Wework in Beer-Sheva (a small city in the Israeli Desert that is marked today as one of the future Cyber Innovation Capitals of the world) and in the last year he has been the Business Development and Community Director at Brooks-Keret, one of the largest Financial Management providers for startups in Israel and lead them, into working in Beer-Sheva. in his “free time”, he is a lecturer at the Interdicplantary Center in Herzliya teaching students about Regional Business Development while they create strategic plans and assist MNCs to find opportunities in the Israeli periphery.

Just this week he announced he is joining forces with Oren Simanian, the founder of Start TAU and TAU innovation, Tel Aviv University’s entrepreneurial cluster and one of the first startup communities in Israel.
Together they are building an international Innovation Community agency building bridges and exporting Israeli innovation and methodologies to drive entrepreneurship aiming to make the world a more sustainable place and providing entrepreneurial opportunities to all.
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