Today’s episode is with Ja-Naé Duane. Ja Naé is an author, professor and serial entrepreneur. We discuss her new book, The Startup Equation which includes the only startup table of elements and the first-ever entrepreneurial equation. It is a visually-based, choose your own adventure guide to the ins and outs of turning one’s passion into a profitable and responsible business.

When it comes to starting and growing a business there isn’t one size that fits all, which is why The Startup Equation is designed to be flexible enough to fit the diverse needs of entrepreneurs around the world.The Startup Equation is not a math problem to be solved, rather, a framework upon which to select elements that focus your efforts and allow you to turn your passions into a business.

There are three major parts of the equation:

1.     Building the Foundation

2.     Crafting the Experience

3.     Growing the Dream

Link to book

Make sure you catch the episode here or below to see how she plans to help one million entrepreneurs create one trillion dollars for the global economy.