It all started when it more looked like the end of it for me. In 2003, a little and unimportant surgery totally went wrong and I found myself on the other side of life. Nothing was the same and having to eat and relearn how to talk was a task like I had never performed before. What formerly looked so easy and normal before had now morphed into than changed into a mountain of pain and trouble.

But how was I to continue as an artist or fencer?

How was I to climb a mountain?

Small steps that’s how.

Every step of success allowed me to look forward to the next day and work even harder. Just one more step, one more exercise I would tell myself and my mentor Walter Neubauer stood by me encouraging every step of the way when neuralgic trouble would stand in the way of progress.

In the end it all worked out and this is my second life with two arts combined. As the fine arts helped me to understand the dynamics of hist. fencing, so did the fencing and the martial art teach me how to focus again. Yes It is very possible for hat wearing guys who uses daggers to come up with paintings and have a lot of knowledge about pictures shows in the pictures of fencing which have been taken in the last three years.

My new way of life with two passions was just something I couldn’t let go of and I didn’t want to be complacent so even though it was uncommon for a hist fencer to be a professional artist, I went for it. I wanted to show people what kind of freedom this way of life can give. Hide my true passions?

No Way!

So I went to work and pursued both and to my surprise I could do both. It didn’t suit my gallerist and some others I worked with as they couldn’t fathom how an artist could be so stupid to become a fencing teacher but I couldn’t help it. This was my new way. I wanted to blaze my own trail with different clothes a different teaching style with a new found courage.

I started teaching again but this time not just how to wield a blade but also how to overcome fear and never to be afraid of the shadow of doubt. Maybe because I like shadows and use them in my fine art as well in both ways abstract objects and symbolic paintings which still live in me. So both sides belong together and both like to play as playing was the word been used in the oldest fencing manual we know.

Below is a clip of what I do and for more check out my website.

How am I using my difference to make a difference? I am doing so by showing how what you learn from the game of fencing can help you in times of danger and how art and fencing can actually work together to form beautiful art.