Today’s Interview is with Eulanda & Omo Osagiede who are London-based freelance writers and award-winning social influencers who run the popular travel, food, and lifestyle blog HDYTI.

They describe themselves as the everyday kind of couple. Think Clark Kent and Lois Lane in a Bruno Mars ‘Lazy Song’ kind of way…although unlike the song suggests, they like to do a bit more than walking around in pajamas all day. Omo’s day job involves managing IT risk for my clients while Eulanda is a professional photographer, dancer, choreographer and graphic designer with enough creative energy for both of us. Omo grew up in Surulere, Lagos while Eulanda grew up in Denver, Colorado. Although they grew up continents and cultures apart, they were destined to meet in London. Their shared Christian faith helps them appreciate the beauty of creation and the fact that they are alive to enjoy it. The simple things in life make us happy.

In the interview, they share:

-Their dating story

-How to develop a niche marketing strategy

-Their ideas on how Africans in diaspora can advance the black narrative AND

-Some ideas on how to diversify the economy in Nigeria

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