David Ralph is something of a podcast legend. He was one of the first people to give me exposure when I first started podcasting. We discuss his podcast tricks, his  idea of success and where he feels his career will go as a podcaster and media professional.  If I were to ever star in a buddy cop movie, he would be my partner. You’re definitely in  for a very conversational, sarcastic and educational  journey so stay tuned. There are certainly some disagreements that we don’t shy away from on this episode.

A little bit about David, he started his professional career in Sales and Service Management at Natwest before moving on to training for 10 years before he realized that making the connections with the people on his courses was what “lit him up”.

The grind of corporate life had taken it’s toll and David needed out. The next step was to work for himself as a web developer. He loved the idea of being his own boss and he was confident he could do the job well. And, for a while, he did.

But once the novelty of the change had worn off, boredom set in. It was to alleviate the boredom, and the deafening silence that engulfed him as he worked at his kitchen table, that led him to tune into his very first podcast. Tom Morkes (of In the Trenches) was interviewing John Lee Dumas (another big name in the podcasting world). David was hooked. He loved the laser focus of the podcast format and the fascinating people you could access. But what excited him the most was the realization that this was something he could do, that would allow him to make connections with people every day – without having to weave the latest banking compliance regulations into the conversation!

David launched Join Up Dots on 30th April 2014, his 44th birthday, and since then he’s recorded over 530 interviews. At the time of recording the show had been downloaded over 3 million times.

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