Today’s interview is with Melina Mallos. Melina is a bilingual author of two children’s books, Catch that Cat! and Trip to Greece. She started writing picture books to help kids connect in a positive way to Greece – its beautiful landscape and people. Having moved from her birthplace in Greece to Australia at the age of 6, Melina is passionate about helping other children understand and appreciate their own cultural heritage and that of others. A trained early childhood educator, Melina is actively involved in the juvenile cultural education sphere in Brisbane’s thriving Greek community.

Melina is also committed to sharing her knowledge on various cultural sensitivities with Australia’s parents, and is a sought-after commentator and guest speaker on issues surrounding children’s cultural education. Melina was awarded a Smithsonian Fellowship in 2010, researching museum-based learning in Washington D.C. She has completed her Masters’ research in early childhood interaction and engagement in art museums. Catch that Cat!, her first bilingual book for children, inspired children to understand and appreciate their cultural roots, and those of others. It also includes fun, engaging activities and key vocabulary for children to discover and practice whilst holidaying in Greece – either in reality or in their imagination!

We dive into her mission of connecting children with culture.

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