Today’s episode is with Lucas Conley. Lucas Conley is the co-author of Legacy in the Making, a writer with The Legacy Lab, the author of Obsessive Branding Disorder, and the co-author of The Method Method.  A former researcher for The Atlantic and staff writer for Fast Company, he has written for The Boston GlobeESPN MagazineSPIN, and The Wall Street Journal Magazine. Conley has appeared on The Colbert Report, ABC World News, CNN’s BookTV, NPR, and at South by Southwest.

Conley and his co-author Mark Miller noticed a disturbing trend: In a world increasingly fixated on short-term results, more and more leaders and brands are ignoring their long-term interests. They saw a lot of reasons for this kind of hyperactive short-term thinking, which they delve into at length in their book, Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World, but what interested them the most was a third group of leaders and brands they identified in our research — those using long-term thinking to stand out in a short-term world. They call this forward-looking approach to legacy “modern legacy” or “legacy in the making” to distinguish it from traditional notions of legacy, which generally concern something left in the past. Focusing on this small group of select leaders and brands, they set out to discover what these modern legacy builders had in common. We discuss all this and more.

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