Ryan James lock is a highly sought after business consultant and personal success coach, helping clients to create bigger incomes and audiences from their work by packaging what they already know, raising their profile in the media and creating a solid brand around themselves and their work combining business consultancy, mind set coaching and personal mentoring.

In the last two years alone, Ryan has: Ryan

  • Gone from a PR consultant in London to aninternational success coach, brand consultant and writer
  • Had his work and advice featured in different media around the world
  • Been chosen as a featured expert speaker on “The Brand Bazaar”
  • Built up an international client base in 4 countries
  • Taught group training programs in New York based on his work
  • Been called “The ULTIMATE business coach for serious entrepreneurs” by Under30CEO.com
  • More than tripled his own income and sales
  • Launched digital products and programs based on his work for an international audience

You can find out more about him on his website and catch the episode here or below.