Anora McGaha is the eldest daughter of a US diplomat & Arabist and a half Italian mother whose father was an Italian diplomat, and whose grandfather was an expat in Panama. When she learned she was a global nomad and read about it in 1992 at the age of 34 it was as profound a moment in her life as the ugly duckling’s story of discovering he was actually a swan.


Anora has lived in too many countries to count in the Middle East, Italy and East Asia. She spent four years in French schools and two years in Chinese universities, and studied Arabic, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.


After a twenty year corporate career in financial related analysis, she shifted into marketing communications and in 2008 began intensive immersion in blogging, social media and Internet marketing. She founded an international online magazine by and about women writers and writing, as well as a journal called When Women Waken. She is a social media manager and internet publicist for small businesses and does websites and internet coaching.


She has one son who is half Chinese, and speaks Mandarin Chinese, who just graduated from law school. Her husband is half Japanese, and was raised in the military, so also a TCK.


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