Can you think of one successful business without thinking of its brand? The answer is no, because the brand IS what we’re thinking about when we’re thinking of a successful business. If building a brand is important, then so is protecting it. Today, it’s not enough to be good. It’s not enough to be better. It’s not even enough to be the best. You need to be the only one. You must have a legitimate claim to “We’re the only ___ that does ___”. There are several clever strategies that allow you to cement your uniqueness at a fraction of the cost of developing a truly unique product or service.

That’s what today’s guest, Andrei Mincov thinks. He became a copyright lawyer over 18 years ago when his father, a famous Russian composer, heard his music on the radio advertising an event by Samsung without his permission. He has since helped hundreds of creators and businesses. He has done work for many composers; designers; book writers, including J.K. Rowling; film directors; singers; artists; individual software developers; movie producers; film companies ranging from small ones to Dreamworks; software companies from one-man startups to Apple, Microsoft and Sun; recording companies; electronics manufacturers, including Sony and Motorola; car companies, including Porsche and Ford; apparel companies, including Columbia Sportswear; perfumery and skincare companies, including Amway, L’Oreal and Mary Kay; and a countless number of other clients, big and small.

In 2007, he moved to Canada, went through 3 more years of law school, and in 2011, after receiving his Canadian license to practice law and becoming a registered trademark agent, he founded Mincov Law Corporation, a business law firm with a focus on intellectual property. In 2013, he came up with an idea of The Trademark Factory, a service that allows him as a trademark lawyer to help businesses register their trademarks at a single comprehensive flat rate with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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