My name is Dola Posh and I am a professional fashion and portrait photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I am also a student at the University of Lagos, Nigeria studying Marine Biology.

My photography journey began 2012, but before then I was modeling earlier and got so familiar with so many photographers and I grew interest in it and started professionally May 2012. At the time I didn’t even own my personal camera until June 2012, after saving a lot I got one eventually and my life since then has changed.

To be honest I have tried out so many types of photography for example baby and maternity photography, wedding / event photography etc and none of these types of photography fit my creative desires. There were always too many rules, expectations and boundaries. When I finally made an attempt at fashion photography I felt an excitement and passion that I had never felt before. The art of fashion gives me joy. I could take an idea in my head and create an image and share with others. The rules and boundaries were limited as I could decide what exactly I want my images to look like or be like. I am sure you’ll agree with me that following your passion is one of the first steps to achieving success in life.

My photography journey has taught me a lot of things, it taught me to fight for what I want, it taught me that things wouldn’t be easy but I just have to keep strong, it taught me that nothing good comes easy, it taught me how to relate with people better, it taught me to be different (in a good way of course), above all it taught me never to give up and to keep working and believing in my craft.

I attribute a lot of my success to my mom, family and friends never suggesting that I should give up or throw my camera away!

My style of work is simple, clean and not over the top and this has made me in-demand to most of my clients around.

My fashion and portrait work includes hair campaigns, look books, beauty shoots, family sessions and more. I always work on improving myself and my craft, learn every day and see everything I create as beautiful! , with my work I also impact the little I can to charity organizations.

In the past two years I must say my business and craft has grown, and I absolutely have no doubt that I’ll astonish myself and the world in the nearest future with exceptionally beautiful and amazing images.

I enjoy looking good but simple and classy at the same time. I love my skinny jeans and many bold shoes * big smile*

The fashion culture in Nigeria is so rich!!! The designers have evolved and grown so much in the past years, new creative also emerge every day.

What thrills me the most is the use of fabrics, colors and styles. Oh my God! They are so beautiful and they make me as a photographer enjoy the shooting.

My works can be viewed on Tumblr, Instagram , Twitter and Facebook.

I’m Dola Posh and I use my difference to make a difference by ” inspiring individuals to believe and work hard at what it is that they love”