Today’s interview is with 3 time CEO Jude Rake. He’s an expert, specifically, on servant leadership and has a new book out in early July. He has some interesting ideas on how to bring these ideas into the forefront with real world examples. In his new book, The Bridge to Growth , he shows how servant leaders—those who serve employees by giving them what they need to fully engage and commit to achieving the company’s goals—producer better results than leaders who put themselves first. We discuss the following in the episode:

  • The bar for leaders have been raised because workers expect more. This is happening because more women are moving into the management ranks, and because Millennials have higher expectations of their leaders because we raised them to seek meaning and purpose in their job.
  • Politics: Servant leadership in action and how it can help your business innovate the same way our country has innovated.
  • The Ten Most Important Traits of High-Performance Teams

Resources Mentioned In the Episode

  • The Bridge to Growth: How Servant Leaders Achieve Better Results and Why It Matters Now More Than Ever
  • JDR Growth Partners:

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