Today’s episode is with Jodie Jackson. Jodie is an author, researcher and campaigner. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London (UK), where she investigated the psychological impact of the news. As she discovered evidence of the beneficial effects of solutions-focused news on our wellbeing, she grew convinced of the need to spread consumer awareness. She is a regular speaker at media conferences and universities. Her new book is You Are What You Read: Why Changing Your Media Diet Can Change the World and the main idea behind her book is that we need to get back to the original intention of news — to inform, educate, and empower, not to entertain. Today’s news is delivered to hook us into drama and problems with no solutions. But solutions are critical to a more balanced, healthier news diet. It’s time to wake up and became deliberate about how we consume the news.

Our wide ranging conversation covered the following:

  • Why the news industry feeds us a steady diet of bad news — and why we can change it.
  • How paying for news helps enable news organizations to gain independence.
  • How to burst our filter bubble and gain a fully dimensional view of the world.
  • Why the news has such a negative impact on our individual and collective health.
  • How to tap into the power of solutions-based journalism.
  • How we can consume news that gives us hope and empowers us to act. 

Resources Mentioned In The Episode

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