It’s September, the month that quite often tries to bring some kind of darkness around us. At least in Finland the Sun begins to go down earlier and earlier, which of course means that the amount of the natural light decreases. People go to their schools and work places, and start studying and working after a well enjoyed summer. For some of us this moment, the end of the summer, means the end of everything, but some of us see this moment as a fresh beginning for everything. Whatever your opinion is, the fact is that September brings us colorful and beautiful hues that are here to naturally inspire us, to guide us.


The interesting and quite typical phenomenon is the following. When we go back to school and work, we often start getting stressed out and at the same time we may stop seeing the way how the surrounding nature gets more and more beautiful. We basically lose the sense of seeing how beautifully the surrounding nature works while are working too, but in more a stressful way. As mentioned, the surrounding nature works to stay alive but the way how it does that and tries to inform and guide us to stay strong and enlightened inside is something different. It works but like it would simultaneously be showing us the way how to proceed throughout the cold and harsh winter, the cold and harsh days, hours, minutes and seconds. We don’t always see the glory of it because we are complaining and stressing out with our slow progressing days, hours, minutes and seconds at school or work.

We all know that it’s everyone’s choice to either work like a complaining and stressful human being and spread their negativism or like an uplifting and kind human being spreading their positvism. It can for sure be stated that there’s no lack of inspiration on Earth or that we could not work and at the same time inspire each other as beautifully as for example trees are currently doing. Therefore, it’s time to get inspired By trees, to let them guide us.

Right now, in September trees are trying to reach for more and more light while the Sun is showing up less and less. The color of their leaves is all the time changing to a beautiful colors of lightness: yellow, orange and maybe even red. Someone would say that they are showing the hues of the end but I would say that they are actually showing the light of the beginning. They are inspiring by the colors of lightness when the Sun doesn’t shine enough. Inside of their cells they are working like us but they still inspire and guide us to be the light throughout the harsh and cold winter, throughout the school and work days until we again see those colors externally in a few months.

Next time when you see a tree, remember that it’s not just a tree but it’s actually an inspiring guidance. It’s ready to show you how it works and learns about the surrounding world but at the same time is ready to show the beautiful lightness and colors of it, not just for itself but for all of us. Just like I’m now trying to make you realize a tree as an example guidance, you are that kind of an example guidance too, not just for yourself but for everyone around you. We all are one and we all can get inspired and also inspire each other to reach for the light, just like a tree reaches for its own.


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