This is one of the most fundamental questions that we forget to ask ourselves. When we get caught up in our to – do lists, daily life, and the whole cultural, economic, and systemic upbringing we have with us, this crucial element is forgotten.
The current educational model does not allow for self-exploration and curiosity. And those are the two pieces of the puzzle that are not allowing you (and for a while me) to not be true to ourselves.
When I work with clients and brands to discover their big vision there’s a little soul searching and retraining of the brain that has to go into play.
Ask yourself – what do you love doing that you feel qualified to teach, speak, or lecture about?
If you don’t feel qualified to teach anything – what are you the go to person for amongst your friends and colleagues?
Write it down.
Now, who is it that needs what you offer? Your curiosity about outer space, your staunch passion against ecological disaster, your natural networking brain.
Is it an organization, a company, a community?
Write it down.
After you touch the lives of those people, organizations, or companies – how do you transform their lives? How do you make them happier, more at ease, more inspired?
Write it down.
Now look at what you wrote down, or what you mentally have put aside.
How does it feel in your gut? Your heart? Your mind?
You are now on your way to discovering your life purpose.
Now go do the thing that your heart is aching to do.