It’s no surprise that society has changed in today’s world. Through avenues of globalization and increased global mobility, there is a demographic of citizens who are defining their existence not by their nationality or passport, but rather their inclusion with a greater global society.

Whether you call them expats, third culture kids, or global nomads, this demographic of citizens is reaching newer heights in vast arenas of today’s relevant landscape, and their stories and paths of development showcase a unique insight for success.

They are a part of a grouping of people who are the future of how the world has changed. They can not define where they come from, because their lives are intertwined in diverse experiences which prohibit them from fitting into any ordinary box. They are living, working, and relevant proof that the world may seem to appear quite large in size, but rather small in their eyes.

They were born in one country, educated in another, and are living and working somewhere far between both. For me my life involves utilizing my global experiences and life spent traveling and living abroad, to showcase how it has positioned me, and many in similar positions to not hinder their success, but rather amplify them getting ahead.

Being considered a global nomad pushes me to think creatively and adapt to changes that many of my counterparts may not be accustom to. It is through life existence that my ethos for greater global integration has taught me to now utilize my acquired skills and insight to truly succeed as a global nomad.

Adaptable Personality

No matter what situation I come across or get placed into, I always seem to thrive. I have traveled, lived, and worked all over the world, however if it’s one trait global nomads know best, it’s how to adapt to constant change, environments, and people. Having a ‘go with the flow attitude’ allows you to never become complacent, fear change, or over think any given situation.

Refined Cultural Taste

The sheer exposure you receive interacting with diverse nationalities, living in unique international cities, holidaying to exotic locations, and working with a vast amount of multilingual professionals all render ways you become more culturally refined. From being exposed to new cuisines, wines, and arts, to different ways of thinking and means of social behaviors, global nomads adopt key skills in becoming culturally refined much earlier in life.

Independent Attitude

Often many global nomads find themselves in airports by themselves early on in life. They may switch schools often or travel regularly, but what this allows them to acquire is a fiercely independent attitude early on in life. Moving abroad by yourself can be tough, but it’s through living by yourself and learning to get by, that you develop a mindset of doing things yourself and finding your way through life solely relying on yourself.

Interesting Life Story

Global nomads know their stories are unique. By nature they are often some of the most interesting people at social gatherings or office environments due to their accents or international upbringing. These attributes are seen as advantages in my book as it teaches you being different is beneficial, as it can have perks when looking for a job, socializing at parties, or simply making new connections.

Passion For Life

Being passionate about life is often a hard thing to exude or live by. However global nomads know that no matter where life brings you, you learn to make the most of what you have on offer. The vast amounts of experiences I have gained growing up have allowed me to define and implement my life beliefs passionately.


Your life story is not exclusively filled with success stories. Global nomads learn early on that set backs are a real hurdle, and that things in foreign countries don’t always go the way as planned. It is through these setbacks that you gain valuable experience and exposure to become more determined to achieve your goals in life.

Globally Inclined Thinking

Thinking on a more international scale is a must for today’s world. Our news, media and business is now global. Global nomads have a competitive advantage in that they are able to understand how the world works and operates earlier on in life. They are use to balancing more than one culture, and understand the importance of why being international can excel you further in life.

Increased Self Awareness

Being aware of how you are perceived in a situation is key when you’re first starting out in the real world. Global nomads are often exposed to a wide variety of multinational and multicultural perspectives that teach them how to deal with various people. Knowing how to understand how you are feeling, or how mindful you are in a situation is something you acquire through life.

No Life Parameters

Not being scared of doing something is hard at times. The more you do something you are scared of, the less you will fear that particular fear. Global nomads often don’t hold these fears as they very so often do not have established life parameters that allow them to not grow or take on challenging tasks. From early ages, their experiences in different parts of the world shape them to not fear or shy away from certain tasks compared to many who too often allow their fears to establish life parameters around their routines.

Larger Than Life Ambitions

I am truly confident in saying that my ambitious nature and attitude are attributes from being able to see a  great chunk of the world early on in life. I developed an interest in understanding how the world worked and how I was able to fit into its vast space. Having a larger than life ambition to be successful, and truly the best you can be all emanate from the ways global nomads often grow up. The world is a vast place, and growing up as a citizen of the world conditions you to think on a much grander scale compared to most of your counterparts.


About Van Sharma

►Expat by Nature ►American by Upbringing ►British by Birth ►Indian by Blood ►Kenyan by Kinship►Aspiring Foreign Affairs Journalist by Virtue.