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Ferdinand Magellan was wrong! Yes he sailed around the world and supposedly proved the world was “round” but that’s not true. The world is flat and it’s getting even flatter everyday in this digital world that we live in. So you as Third Culture Kids, nomads, future world leaders and difference makers need to know how to embrace your global identity so I wrote this eBook and created this Infographic for you.


Tayo Rockson is the CEO and President of UYD Media, a media company that encourages people all over the world to use their difference to make a difference while celebrating diversity and educating others. He is an avid writer whose work can be seen on the Huffington Post, Among Worlds Magazine as well as Global Living Magazine. He is an authority on Third Culture Kids and assimilation into new cultures. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide To TCK Living and through his podcast and blog, he is heard and read by thousands of people in over 100 countries.

He grew up in four different continents so he considers himself a citizen of the world. He has lived in Sweden, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Vietnam and the United States and his goal is to ultimately leave the world a better place than it was before he came into it.

Once he discovered that he was a Third Culture Kid (TCK) or someone who spent the formative part of his childhood years (0-18) outside of his parents’ culture, he vowed to use his global identity to make an impact in the world. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter @TayoRockson where he is actively making new friends every day.


Areas Of Strength Of TCKs/Global Nomads

How TCKs Can Thrive In The Workplace

Fitting In as a TCK/Global Nomads

How TCKs Can Become Global Leaders


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As a third culture kid (TCK) myself, I can honestly say the amount of resources out there that concisely describe what it means to be a TCK are still limited. However, Tayo presents a highly readable well-written overview that succinctly captures the essence of the TCK experience. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who has had trouble explaining what being a TCK means or to those who are looking for more information on TCKs. Tayo is also working so hard to bring the TCK experience to light in general and help build the larger TCK community, which I definitely appreciate. Undoubtedly, it shines in this resource as well. Keep up the good work!
Michael Oghia

This is a concise primer that helps TCKs to understand some of the ways in which they can use their skills as global nomads in life and work. Rockson’s accessible writing style makes this a quick and easy read, which should make it popular with young adult TCKs who are looking for guidance as they enter college and/or the workforce. Rockson includes details from his own life that are relatable, which helps to a) hook the reader and b) give the reader good examples to potentially follow.
Elizabeth Liang
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