Today’s episode is with Léa Tirard-Hersant. Léa is a daring French linguist and inventive teacher. She taught over 5,000 hours of online French lessons to students from 51 countries since her debut in 2013. Her students include all ages and nationalities—from children in rural Siberia to world-class entrepreneurs! With her teaching motto, “pour apprendre à parler, il faut parler !” Léa is an advocate of experiential learning. She has teamed up with polyglot authors Benny Lewis and Olly Richards for creating innovative learning materials. Then in 2017 she gave birth to the Staircase learning method! The Staircase is an online course that uses storytelling to progressively teach French. The interactive lessons develop vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills. Léa is an active member of the polyglot community. Her presentations on language learning help people finally speak their target language. Always up for new adventures, her love of travel and linguistics keep her life vibrant. It is with this radiance that she shares her love of languages.

In our episode we talk about the following:

  • Her experience living and working in France, Finland, Switzerland
  • How she built her career as a Polyglot
  • What her staircase method is AND
  • How she built her brand

Resources Mentioned In The Episode

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